For the stay at home moms

27 Mar

This topic is near and dear to my heart, so I thought you might enjoy reading this article I found today.  Sometimes as a stay at home mom, I question my call.  SHOCKER!  Just kind of being real today.  I mean, there are times when it’s so rewarding and you can’t imagine yourself in any other place.  Like this day…

And then there are the OTHER days….that was my kitchen.

This was one of those days, maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.  Maybe.  Thankfully, those days are not the norm.

If you have worked outside of your home, then you may second guess your decision to stay home or may even feel guilty about it at times?  We (females especially), are given to comparison almost to a fault.  We compare ourselves to everyone and everything.  Gotta measure up, and chances are it’s a moving target at that.

So, this little article is kind of a rubber meets the road, real dollars and cents reminder that there is truly value in what you do both financially and in sooooooo many other ways. I hope you’ll check it out and come back and comment on what ways you see yourself in bringing value in being at home whether you are currently doing that or not.  And, if maybe you don’t see any value in being at home, maybe you feel stuck, I hope you’ll be encouraged to know you bring things to your home that are irreplaceable.

Have a happy valuable week y’all.

Simplifying the Pantry (with Simple Mom)

22 Mar

A day late and a dollar short, or in my case several days late and we won’t even talk about the dollars!  (Do you all use random little sayings like that?  This one is a quote from my dad.  I’m quoting you on the blog dad, aren’t you proud?  My husband calls them ‘Virginia-isms’ and he has no idea what I’m talking about, except he’s learned most of them now and we’re on the same page, but …I digress.  Y’all saw my pantry, the before.

And now, my much decluttered, better organized pantry.  My boys are so proud of me.

It really looks better in person, I promise

From the top down………


Holiday Storage/Table Linens

The Baking Shelf

Plastic Storage/Teas

I separated the spices in these two glad disposables I had simply into two categories.  Savory and Baking.  I took the tea bags out of the boxes and put them in these nifty little glass jars on the lazy susan I have had for a long time (thanks Nanall!).

Chips basket

This cool picnic basket now holds chips, I can pull it out at lunch and everyone can pick.

Dry goods

My cookbooks

We had this shelf insert thingy that we had taken out of an armoire we inherited.  I had it sitting in the garage threatening to fall on me every time I went out there.  So I brought it in here to try to maximize space.  And, my little plastic drawer full of cookie cutters fits perfectly under there!  I stacked the cook books that I use a few times a year, and my every day ones are shelved so I can reach and grab.

Where are my canned goods?  I’m so glad you asked.  I stack them on the floor cause they’re just so stinkin’ heavy.  I don’t like to put all that weight on these lovely wire shelves!  Remember, we rent…rock what ya got.


Command Strips are a dream aren’t they?  I love ’em.  I had room to put one here to hang little lunch bags within easy reach.

And, the door.  Trying to take advantage of every nook and keep things in easy reach to encourage me to get my stuff done, right then.  And, it’s working!

And there you have it.  All done.  Time to link up.  Check out Simple Mom, lots of inspiring ideas to get it done.